Hotel in Bath 360 Virtual Tour photography

Apex City of Bath Hotel Tour

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360 Virtual Tours – Apex City of Bath Hotel

Apex City of Bath Hotel, Bath. Full virtual tour of the Apex City of Bath Hotel featuring conference rooms, spa facilities, gym, Bath hotel bedrooms & restaurant.

The 360 tour combines 45 separate 360 photography images, with the majority of hotel locations featuring multiple 360 images & angles of view per room.

How to create virtual tours

Tours can display information, videos & images

360 Virtual Tour photography
User can spin around 360 virtual tour and move to other locations
User can access other locations within hotel tour
Information, videos & images can be displayed within virtual tour

How to build a virtual tour for hotels

Linking 360 images together for a hotel tour

Process to making 360 Virtual Tours

Various steps required to producing professional 360 tours

How to make 360 Virtual Tours

Taking multi-bracketed RAW images, editing individually to achieve the highest quality along the various image process steps.

Editing 360 images to remove tripod

Further advanced photoshop work to correct various lighting sources, colour correction, levels and cloning out the tripod.

Creating 360 video in virtual tour

Integrating ‘masked’ 360 video into a virtual tour while minimising download file sizes and ensuring optimised playback on mobile devices. Colour correction, image adjustments so video & 360 image match visually.

How to build a virtual tour

Building a virtual tour by linking various 360 images together as ‘hotspots’, including immersive elements such as masked video, audio & information points.

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