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Motion Video Walls & AnimationDigital signage & animated graphics

Motion Video Production

Stop Motion Animation & Motion Graphics

Motion animated graphics is the 4th dimension in graphic design; it takes brand, print, web design and adds a new dimension – time.



Motion Graphics & Video Display Walls

Be Animated

Brands, products and promotional material can be brought to life over time. I cover stop motion animation, hand drawn animation or good old fashion video editing.

Working with music, video & images supplied or creating my own I’ll utilise the latest software; Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Motion & Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCPX) to produce 5, 10, 30 sec or several minutes of motion video.

Lampery Restaurant

Motion Graphics

Bath Lenticular Photography

Lenticular Photography

Apex Hotels

Apex Facilities Branding

Apex Facilities video

Video production

Winter Wonderland Apex Hotels

Winter Wonderland

Apex Hotels

Motion Video 1Degree Geneva 01

1Degree Geneva

Video Wall

Motion Video Shadow Lines Floor 01

Shadow Line Floor

Video Wall

Motion Video Shadow Lines Grass 01

Shadow Line Grass

Video Wall

Motion Video Shadow Lines Bench 01

Shadow Line Bench

Video Wall

Motion Video Christmas Skyline 02

Christmas Skyline

Video Wall

Motion Video Edinburgh Skyline 02

Edinburgh Skyline

Video Wall

Motion Video George Heriot 02

George Heriot

Video Wall

Motion Video Sean Connery 02

Sean Connery

Video Wall

Pause for thought

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