Motion Video 1Degree

Motion Graphics Animation, split over 3 HD flat panel displays.¬†Motion Art video derived from the country’s flag & colours, animated by logarithms of the city’s GPS co-ordinates.

I’ve created a series of background motion graphics videos for the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh. Each city is based on the conference room names featured at the hotel groups properties. Created in Apple’s Motion, each piece adapts geometric shapes and colours of each locations country flag. Changing properties of particle filters, replicators and effects within Motion using values contained within the city’s GPS co-ordinates.

For example, Geneva Switzerland above, the white ‘+’ and red box of the flag emanate for the centre 0,0 and move/attracted to the co-ordinates of Geneva in relation to the canvas/video wall dimensions.

Video Wall Production

Storyboard, design, edit and production using Apple Motion, Photoshop & Illustrator. Video wall 3932px x 720px, split into 3 HD videos using Apple Compressor. Sedna Presenter used to remotely schedule content and motion video wall playback.