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Edinburgh Virtual Tours Photographer David Springford360 VR Tours with video & audio

Virtual Tours Photographer

360 VR Tours with audio & video for mobile

360 Virtual Tour photography projects. Involving shooting 360 video & images, editing, embedding video & audio into a 360 tour.



360 VR

Edinburgh 360 Photographer

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How to make 360 Virtual Tours

I start by capturing multi-bracketed RAW images, meticulously edited individually to ensure the highest image quality throughout the production process.

Editing 360 images to remove tripod

Advanced Photoshop techniques are applied to eliminate any traces of tripods, ensuring a flawless presentation. I also address lighting sources, colour correction, and cloning as required.

Creating 360 video in virtual tour

My virtual tours incorporate ‘masked’ 360 videos, prioritising efficient file sizes for swift mobile playback. I meticulously adjust colours and images to ensure a seamless visual match between video and 360 images.

How to build a virtual tour

I construct immersive virtual tours by interlinking various 360 images as ‘hotspots’. These tours include engaging elements such as masked videos, audio enhancements, and informative points.

360 photography tour Elliots Edinburgh

Elliotts Edinburgh

360 VR

360 photography tour neonatal unit

SSCB Neonatal Tour

360 VR

360VR Tour Apex City of Bath Hotel

Bath Hotel

360 VR

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