Edinburgh Skyline

Motion Video graphics production

3 Screen Video Wall

Video Production

Motion Graphics Video Wall, split over 3 HD flat panel displays.┬áMotion video wall graphics showcasing Edinburgh’s skyline & landmarks combined with my Edinburgh photography used throughout the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Skyline

Animated Skyline From Photographs

The piece has been constructed by creating vector silhouettes of each landmark to animate independently and move around in a 3D scene to provide a depth of scale as the camera pans across the skyline.

I’ve used lighting, effects and the replicator to create animated masks.

Motion Video

Digital Display Graphics

Storyboard, design, edit and production using Apple Motion, Photoshop & Illustrator. Video wall 3932px x 720px, split into 3 HD videos using Apple Compressor. Sedna Presenter used to remotely schedule content and video wall playback.

Edinburgh Photographs

Edinburgh Photography used in motion graphics

Edinburgh Photography