Motion Video Christmas Skyline

Animated video & playback using Sedna Presenter

Motion video wall production, split over 3 HD flat panel displays

3 Screen Video Wall

Video Production

I’ve created a series of background animated videos for the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel in Edinburgh. The Christmas Skyline animation was first illustrated from my photographs of Edinburgh.

Using keyframes the scissors were animated to create a paper stencil silhouette of the Edinburgh city skyline. And a little sparkle at the end.

Edinburgh Christmas Skyline

Animated video production

Motion videos for Edinburgh Apex Hotels video wall are a selection from a series of movies that played leading up to Xmas. Short 5 sec pieces were interspersed between other content. An advent calendar also played revealing the day behind each door. These were scheduled using Sedna Presenter.

Motion Video Animation

Digital Display Graphics

Storyboard, design, edit and animation production using Apple Motion, Photoshop & Illustrator. Video wall 3932px x 720px, split into 3 HD videos using Apple Compressor. Sedna Presenter used to remotely schedule content and motion video wall playback.

A bit of Christmas sparkle

Wish for an animated Christmas video?

Christmas Video