Dundee Reflections Photography Book

Self Published, Designed & Produced

My own personal book design and self published by ‘More Than Image’. Designed and produced using my photography of Dundee, the book design incorporates text on each Dundee landmark.

Dundee Reflections book

Fine art photography of Dundee

SIZE: 148mm x 210mm (A5 landscape) with gatefold cover. The inside cover (contents) features an illustrated image of Dundee’s skyline. The back inside cover features an illustrated map of Dundee with walking guide.

48 page, 99 high quality Black & White Photographs, 3 Illustrations with text supporting each landmark in Dundee. City centre map and walking guide included.

ISBN: 978-0-9566573-1-2

Published by More Than Image

Dundee Reflections

Synopsis of my Dundee photography book

Join photographer David Springford for a surprising visual tour of Dundee. DUNDEE REFLECTIONS introduces you to the city from a very different perspective, looking anew at the familiar and heightening awareness of the everyday.

Let the images help you get to know Dundee that bit better, whether reading at home or following the walking trail map around the city.

Dundee tightly hugs one side of the open Firth of Tay. The city links hands with the Kingdom of Fife via road and rail bridges across the estuary’s silvery waters.

Dundee has emerged strongly from its maritime and industrial heritage as a city at the forefront of 21st century cultural, artistic and scientific life. Quays and docks, once centres for whaling and shipbuilding, are now home to chic hotels and penthouse apartments.

From firm foundations built on jute, jam and journalism, Dundee presently leads the way in biomedical advances and digital entertainment. This is a city moving purposely forward, both proud and mindful of its past.

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