Lenticular Photography Collection

Limited Edition fine art 'lenticular' photography collection created & produced

Triptych Limited Edition fine art prints for hotel collection.

Client Apex Hotels Bath Hotel.

Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0239
Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0239
Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0269

Lenticular photography Apex Hotels Bath Hotel

Limited Edition 'lenticular' photography was created & produced for the Apex City of Bath Hotel.

Multiple triptych configurations per room. Each print hand signed. Featured in Apex Hotels Bath Hotel.

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What is lenticular photography?

Lenticular prints are moving motion photography.

As the viewer changes their angle of view they see a different image. Points of interest morph within the composition by changing the depth of field (DoF) over a series of images.

View the creating lenticular photography video

Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0317
Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0331
Bath Lenticular Photography IMG_0295

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