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Edinburgh Graphic Designer David SpringfordBrand design for print & screen

David Springford | Atom Design

Graphic Design, 360 VR Tours, Photography, Motion Video, Design for print & screen



360 VR

Edinburgh Graphic Designer…

...animation, freelance photographer & all-round 360 tours


David Springford, the creative mind behind Atom Design, is a seasoned professional in the fields of graphic design, interactive design, 360 virtual tours, and motion graphics artistry.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Scotland, David has cultivated an extensive portfolio that spans a diverse range of clientele across various industries, including finance, tourism, leisure, and the dynamic world of startup entrepreneurs.

Beyond his design prowess, David also possesses a keen eye for photography, further enhancing his creative repertoire as a freelance photographer in the picturesque city of Edinburgh.


Graphic designer; for brand identity design, brochures & signage.

Brand Design

Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tour photography with audio & video for mobile.

Virtual Tours


Edinburgh freelance photographer for; landscape, interior & 360 photography.


Motion Video

Motion graphics, animation, photography + time, the 4th dimension in graphic design.

Motion Video

Latest Design Work

by Graphic Designer David Springford

360 photography tour Elliots Edinburgh

Elliotts Edinburgh

360 VR

360 photography tour neonatal unit

SSCB Neonatal Tour

360 VR

Lampery Restaurant

Motion Graphics

360VR Tour Apex City of Bath Hotel

Bath Hotel

360 VR

Apex Facilities Branding

Apex Facilities branding

Laundry Services

Bath Lenticular Photography

Lenticular Photography

Apex Hotels

Apex Facilities Branding

Apex Facilities video

Video production

Bath Lenticular Photography

Bath Reflections

Hotel Photography

Graphic Design Services

Broad and extensive expertise covering multiple domains

Edinburgh Graphic Design

Print Design

As a graphic designer, I specialise in crafting compelling brand identities, eye-catching brochures, and impactful signage solutions. My passion lies in the art of visual storytelling, where I bring brands to life through unique and memorable designs. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the power of aesthetics, I work diligently to ensure that every aspect of a project aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision and goals.

Brand Identity Design

I take pride in helping businesses establish and refine their visual identities. Whether it’s creating a logo that communicates your brand’s essence or developing a comprehensive brand guideline to maintain consistency across all touchpoints, I understand the significance of a strong and cohesive brand identity.


My expertise extends to creating visually striking brochures that captivate your target audience. I believe that a well-designed brochure is not just a piece of printed material; it’s a storytelling tool that conveys your message persuasively. From layout design to compelling imagery and persuasive copy, I ensure that your brochures leave a lasting impression.


In the world of signage, I excel at designing solutions that not only grab attention but also guide and inform. Whether it’s exterior signage that welcomes visitors or interior wayfinding signs that enhance the user experience, I consider factors like visibility, legibility, and aesthetics to create signage that makes a statement.

My approach to graphic design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about strategically using design to elevate your brand and communicate your message effectively. I collaborate closely with clients to understand their objectives, target audience, and unique selling points, ensuring that every design I create serves a purpose and delivers results.

Brand Design

Interactive Design

Interact with me

As an interactive designer, my expertise encompasses a dynamic range of creative endeavours, all centred around enhancing user experiences and engaging audiences across various platforms. My primary focus areas include crafting immersive digital signage screens, captivating 360 virtual tours, and user-friendly websites.

Digital Signage Screens

In the realm of digital signage, my goal is to transform static displays into interactive, attention-grabbing showcases. I harness the power of technology to create visually stunning and informative content that captivates viewers. From touchscreen displays in retail environments to interactive kiosks in museums and public spaces, I design interfaces that provide real-time information, promote products, and encourage user engagement.

360 Virtual Tours

I specialise in developing 360-degree virtual tours that transport users to immersive environments and offer a rich, interactive exploration experience. These tours can be applied across industries, from real estate and tourism to education and cultural institutions. Using cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling, I create virtual worlds that allow users to navigate and discover spaces as if they were physically present.


Websites are the digital storefronts of today’s businesses, and I approach web design as both an art and a science. My websites are not just visually appealing; they are designed with user-centred principles in mind. I focus on intuitive navigation, responsive design for various devices, and compelling user interfaces that encourage engagement and conversion. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform, a corporate site, or a personal blog, I tailor each website to meet the unique goals and needs of my clients.

My approach to interactive design revolves around understanding user behaviour and preferences, ensuring that every interaction is seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable. I collaborate closely with clients to align design with their brand identity and business objectives, resulting in digital experiences that leave a lasting impact and drive meaningful engagement.

Interactive Design

Edinburgh Photography

Captured your interest

As an Edinburgh-based freelance photographer, I specialise in capturing the vibrant essence of cityscapes, the allure of interiors, and the immersive wonder of 360-degree photography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual storytelling, I bring a unique perspective to each of these photography niches.

Cityscape Photography

My expertise as a cityscape photographer focuses on the dynamic urban landscapes of Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and beyond. I aim to convey the bustling energy, architectural beauty, and unique character of cityscapes. Whether it’s the historic charm of the Old Town, the modern vibrancy of the New Town, or the hidden gems nestled in the city’s streets, my photographs showcase the multifaceted personality of urban environments.

Interior Photography

Interior photography is an art that requires a meticulous approach to composition, lighting, and detail. I excel in capturing the essence of interior spaces, whether it’s the cozy ambiance of a historic house, the modern elegance of a city apartment, or the inviting warmth of a restaurant or hotel. My images showcase the character and functionality of these spaces, helping clients showcase their properties to their fullest potential.

360 Photography

In the realm of 360-degree photography, I create immersive visual experiences that allow viewers to explore spaces from every angle. Whether it’s a virtual tour of a real estate property, an interactive view of a neonatal unit, or a dynamic presentation of a product, 360-degree photography brings a new level of engagement to visual storytelling. I use cutting-edge technology to capture these immersive perspectives and present them in a user-friendly format.

My approach to photography is not just about capturing images but about creating a connection between the viewer and the subject. Each photograph tells a story, whether it’s the story of a bustling cityscape, a meticulously designed interior, or an interactive exploration of a space. I work closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives, ensuring that my photography elevates their projects and leaves a lasting impression.


Motion Video

Moving image

Within the realm of graphic design, I possess a versatile skill set that extends to various captivating visual mediums. My expertise includes:

Motion Graphics

I’ve experience in producing dynamic motion graphics that infuse life into static visuals. Motion graphics bring elements to life through animation, enhancing storytelling and engagement. From logo animations to promotional videos, I leverage movement to convey messages effectively.

2D Animation

Motion graphics 2D animation allows me to create whimsical and engaging short films. Whether it’s for educational purposes, explainer videos, or entertainment, I harness the power of 2D animation to communicate ideas in a visually compelling manner.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is a meticulous art that I have utilised over the years. It involves capturing individual frames of physical objects in motion, resulting in a unique and charming animation style. My experience in stop motion brings a tactile and handmade quality to animations, making them stand out.

3D Modelling

While I specialise in 2D animation, I also possess the capability to undertake basic 3D modelling. This skill adds depth and dimension to my creative toolkit, enabling me to explore the world of three-dimensional visualisations. Whether it’s for product prototypes or simple 3D animations, I leverage this skill to expand creative possibilities.

Motion Video